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With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Publicity Results! is your link to the media. We believe in a personalized and flexible approach – giving you the choice of signing on as full-service client through Wasabi Publicity, or championing a do-it-yourself publicity campaign with the help of our exceptional training programs and professional guidance.
As your partner, we specialize in Leveraging the Internet, Networks and Key Contacts to be your LINK to Publicity Results!


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We’re also committed to connecting journalists with expert sources. Through our free publicity site, our Online PressKit24/7 technology site, and our database, we do just that to LINK you to the media, making the PR game that much easier!
We have something for everyone — Remember, it’s not just who you know, it’s who knows about you.


PR Training

media relations

The Publicity Results!  training program is your link to the media, giving you the power to leverage your knowledge to boost your media exposure. Through our live training sessions and expert guidance, you’re only a pitch away from landing an interview with a top tier media outlet. We’ll guide you through the in’s and out’s of creating media lists specifically tailored to your media interests; teach you how to craft that perfect pitch; and really put the reigns in your hands allowing you to control your own PR destiny.


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PR strategy

L. Drew Gerber is CEO of Blue Kangaroo, Inc. and Wasabi Publicity, Inc. Gerber’s business practices and staffing innovations have been revered by PR Week, Good Morning America and the Christian Science Monitor. His companies handle international PR campaigns and his staff develops online press kits for authors, speakers and companies with his PressKit 24/7 technology.

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Online Press kit

With the advent of the Internet, linking with the media has never been easier. At PressKit24/7, we offer a platform for you to create your own online press kit, taking you to Page 1 of the search results. You’ll also be part of our database, and with over 55,000 journalists scouring it for experts a month, you’re only a few clicks away from linking to the media and landing the media placements you deserve.

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Publicity Results! PR Partnership Program is an exclusive tool to help you get the PR results you deserve! We partner with you — the expert — to help you produce results today; we introduce you to cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking strategies that will grab the media’s attention; and we’ll link you to the media with precision timing! It’s a cost-effective platform that will distinguish you from the pack.

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free pr

free publicity

Making connections and linking to the media is simple with — our free service that connects journalists with the highest rated experts. When you sign up, you’ll immediately start to receive requests from journalists working with the top media. Make a pitch and show them what you got, and you’ll see your media exposure rise off the charts.


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Linking with the media is easy when the media can find you! With over 55,000 journalists scouring our database, you're only a few clicks away from linking to the media and landing the media placements you deserve. Create your online press kit and be part of this database that is searched, and trusted, by so many top tier media professionals.


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Publicity Services

PR firm

Wasabi Publicity is your storyteller to the media and your link to success. As a full-service PR firm composed of a brilliant team of seasoned publicists, Wasabi believes in the creation of key messages to boost our clients’ name recognition. We work with companies that strive to make a difference in the world — consistently placing them with top tier national media outlets. Our Mild, Medium, and Hot service plans offer you the opportunity to pick what fits your publicity needs best, linking you to media and driving you to success.

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media relations specialist20 Year PR Veteran and Chief Creative Officer of Wasabi Publicity and Blue Kangaroo, Michelle Tennant Nicholson’s seen PR transition from typewriters to Twitter. Called a five star publicist by Good Morning America’s Mable Chan, Michelle specializes in international PR working regularly with the likes of Oprah, Larry King, BBC, The Today Show and all major media. Recently she secured Dr. Phil for a client only 8 hours after signing the contract.

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The publicity world can be confusing and intimidating, but with our help we will break down the barriers that are temporarily holding you back from linking with the media and reaching your PR goals. Publicity Results! enjoys answering your questions and responding to your comments. Submit your comments and questions below, or contact our VP of Sales, Shannon Nicholson, at 404.865.1405.

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